Un assemblage de mensonges

...où elle enveloppait son amour comme dans des voiles, pour le cacher.

Irony: the opposite of wrinkly
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This is the fanfiction and fanmix journal of sailorptah.

The title (from Madame Bovary) is perhaps the only thing I retained from French class, and means "a collection of lies."


The fiction masterlist is here. You can also browse fiction and mixes using the tags.

The vast majority of these are fake news fics (for The Daily Show/The Colbert Report). Most of those in turn deal with the fictional characters on the shows, not the actors with the same hair who play them (though there is some RPF here as well).

Other series written about include Hellsing, Doctor Who and its extended universe, Sailor Moon, and little-knowns such as Krazy Kat and Zanna, Don't!, with shoutouts to everything from The Lord of the Rings to The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

Specialties include cracktastic Massive Multiplayer Crossovers (you just know the Doctor and Sailor Pluto have tea together) and angstastic High Octane Nightmare Fuel (because Stephen has issues, y'all).

Thoughtful criticism is eaten up with sprinkles and whipped cream always appreciated.


When I say Nightmare Fuel? I'm not kidding.

The harshest stuff (along with the occasional PWP) is friendslocked. Subscribe on Dreamwidth or ask here to be added.


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